Health Consultancy & Coaching

A balanced diet, regular exercise and finding peace of mind in stressful times are just a few of the topics being addressed in health consultancy. Physical and mental Well-Being are based on an overall healthy lifestyle. Our focus is on providing individually tailored consultancy and coaching sessions focussing on maintaining health, preventing disease and relieving symptoms of chronical illness. Take your health in your own hands.

Online Sessions

Are you currently travelling or do you work irregular shifts? We offer online coaching sessions for you, so you no matter where you are you can get the support you need and can save time to spend with family, friends or to do the things you love.

What We Don't Do

If you are looking for a quick one-session-fix to all of your problems or the one-sentence-answer-magic-pill: this is not the right thing for you. What we do is identify problems together, giving you tools and knowledge to implement them and support you in making those changes. Making changes is not easy. There will be frustration and thoughts of quitting. A degree is not earned overnight, becoming a parent is not learned overnight and so are changing habits and living healthy. It is a life long process, not a sudden change. Health is not “on” and “off”, health is dynamic. We want to do our very best to ensure you are successful on your journey and part of that is understanding that things sometimes take time to grow and develop.

One Size Does Not Fit All

This is why we want to make sure to meet your individual needs on your way to Well-Being.
Listed below are just some of the options, which might be viable for you.

Holistic Health Consultancy

Well-Being is not only based on medical, but also on sociological, economic, psychological and cultural factors.

Individual Micronutrient Analysis

Do you get enough minerals and vitamins for your personal needs on your current nutrition plan?

Personal Nutrition Consultancy

Do you have a chronic disease, take medicine regularly and are looking to ease the symptoms?

Restful Sleeping

In today's society, sleep has become a precious and rare good for a lot of people for different reasons.

What Our Clients Say

We value our clients privacy and are committed to protecting their confidentiality. Thus, we cannot share any personal information with you. We got permission to share some of the things they said about us with you, though.

“Blown away by wealth of knowledge”

“I was blown away with Sabrina and her wealth of knowledge. She explained everything very well – even though some information was quite technical – but I want to learn. There was so much to take in – and I tried to take notes. But then she followed our meeting up with everything in writing – plus much more relevant information, which was fantastic!”

“The follow up chats – invaluable!”

“I found the hardest thing was to meal plan with new, healthy, ingredients – but you gave me some recipes which I have mostly tried and have made some of them staples in my diet, e.g., the super porridge and edamame bean salad. Also I am learning so many new things as we go along, i.e., cholesterol levels of foods that I was eating regularly was an eye-opener.”

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Helping you
find & forge your own path.

Health and disease are dynamic processes and are under the ongoing influence of our environment, social surrounding, genetic predispositions and lifestyle choices. Very often disease is building up before it is being noticed and hits when it is already too late. We are here to give you the tools and knowledge to make future healthy lifestyle choices to keep you and your beloved ones healthy as good and as long as possible.