Do you ever find yourself getting stuck somewhere? Following other people´s ideas instead of your own? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with changes and tasks and don´t know where and when to start?

Can you recall answering ‘I cannot do this; I am too busy!” or ‘It´s someone else´s fault’?

Self-management is a skill enabling you to understand yourself better and being able to use this to improve yourself. It helps to understand and ’embrace’ thoughts and feelings better and to direct them in a more streamlined way by being able to set proper goals.

It´s a skill that can be applied to numerous scenarios not being limited to the workplace, where you can use it to become more focused and productive. It can also help you free up private time to aspire your own passions and dreams and to set more realistic goals when aiming for health changes like becoming fitter or losing weight. Unrealistic goals cause frustration, whereas setting up and aiming for realistic goals enhances self-esteem and leads to the feeling of accomplishment, which in return will make you become more prone to stick to pulling through with your goals.

Self-Management combines many important aspects under one umbrella. Below are some of them:



Understanding the underlying drivers leading you to act as you do is incredibly important to define your new direction. Whenever we want to move towards a new target, we need to know where we start!

Understand yourself better. Ask yourself: who are you? Then ask others to give you feedback as well. Is the view you have on yourself and the views other people have coherent? What is different? Try not to be defensive when receiving feedback, instead use it to help you improve things and be thankful for having received honest opinions.

Self-awareness is a skill which takes years of effort to truly achieve and will be ongoing work throughout your lifetime. Don´t waste time and start working on it today.


Stress Management

Stress has ruined countless marriages, jobs and friendships. If you’re prone to make mountains out of molehills, you’re very likely on the highway to a burnout. The energy fuelling impulsive outbursts can be harnessed in a positive way though. When encountering blockers, use it to work even harder to get around. Find new ways, get creative – use your energetic momentum and turn it into something positive.


Become more productive in managing your time better. Feeling overwhelmed? Start to create a schedule. Put time aside for single tasks, don´t try to multitask – it sounds cool, but you will use a lot of time having to focus back and forth meaning you won´t reach your targets any sooner, but be slower, feel busier and are likely to make more mistakes!

Make sure to account for breaks in your schedule as well: we are not designed to be full-on productive 100% of our time. We need to recharge the hormones that keep us learning.



We are responsible for your own actions. Embracing this will change your decision making. Pointing fingers at others will not change anything and very likely will also make you look very bad.

Be aware and handle your responsibilities and accept the mistakes you make. We all make mistakes and we grow by learning from them: what caused them and how can we work around this the next time to make sure this does not happen again.

Expanding your responsibilities is exciting – at work, at home or in your community. Self-development is all about expanding your horizons. You will only move – upwards or forwards if you dare to step out of your bubble. Make friends with the feeling of being uncomfortable!


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