Having worked for 11+ years in fast-paced international environments within the digital media/tech industry I am very well familiar with hard deadlines, complex projects and seemingly never-ending crunch times. I was able to experience in first person how stress impacts oneself and the others around me and which impact it has on their  Well-Being as well as on their productivity.

Online Sessions

Are you currently traveling or do you work irregular shifts? We offer online coaching sessions for you, so you no matter where you are you can get the support you need and can save time to spend with family, friends or to do the things you love.

Coaching For a Change

Prone to supporting people I was longing to change things. At the beginning, this manifested in me doing internal coaching sessions, first for my team, then for the whole department and finally for the whole company. We addressed topics, which can easily lead employees to experience more stress than necessary, such as internal and external communication, constantly changing team dynamics, lack of time management and the importance of thinking with foresight. Helping people understand certain scenarios, growing awareness and giving them the tools to handle difficult situations self sufficiently, massively supports positive thinking and outlook, which leads to more confidence and independence, which in return result in more productivity and a healthy environment at work.


Health Consultancy

This was just the first step though. Being very passionate about helping others become better versions of themselves I came across the education for Health Consultancy. This education does not only nutritional aspects, but also health psychology, exercise, stress management and meditation. It can be used to help people prevent disease and chronic illness as well as it can be used to address already existing problems to become better again.

Combining my business knowledge with the holistic well-being knowledge empowers me to understand my clients context better. Working with people is exciting and inspiring, it keeps you up on your toes: every person is an individual – has a different background, a different story, a different environment and different needs. So do you!

Together, we want to make sure that we find out who you are and what you need to enable you to lead a healthier life. Let’s not waste time and get started.

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Health and disease are dynamic processes and are under the ongoing influence of our environment, social surrounding, genetic predispositions and lifestyle choices. Very often disease is building up before it is being noticed and hits when it is already too late. We are here to give you the tools and knowledge to make future healthy lifestyle choices to keep you and your beloved ones healthy as good and as long as possible.