Going Plant-Based, Session III: Carbs

This is the third session of a talk series covering the importance of getting your high plant-based diet right. We will be covering the most important pieces of knowledge from understanding proteins, fats and carbs right through to minerals and vitamins which usually turn to be a bit of a challenge for people starting off with a plant-based diet.

Talk 3: Carbs

Carbs aren’t evil! Has every diet, internet article and health coach told you to “reduce carbs”? Can you have a healthy diet with carbs? Are all carbs the same? What do carbs do in your body? (Fibre is a type of carb).

We will cover the importance each of the addressed nutrients plays towards better health and wellness, how to source these nutrients from your food, and when and how to supplement where necessary. This talk is a must-listen for everyone who is plant-based or interested in learning how to safely make the transition in the future. Your health is your number 1 priority – join us to learn how to put you first!

The talks are designed to give you an overall base of knowledge and put the power to control your health in your hands. You can join for all 5 sessions for a concession price or join in for just the talks you feel you would like to learn more about.

“Education is better than any meal plan! Meal plans only last as long as you use them… and afterwards – then what? Only education helps with a long-term change”

Plant Physique Addington 
5/44 Clarence Street South Addington

July 21st – Protein
July 28th – Fats 
4th August- Carbs
11th August – Micronutrients 1
18th August – Micronutrients 2

Begin: 7:30
Duration: approx. 45 minutes with Q&A



The event is finished.


Aug 04 2020


7:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Plant Physique
Unit 5/Clarence Street South, Addington, Christchurch
Sabrina Rentzschke


Sabrina Rentzschke

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