Awake already or didn’t go to sleep at all?

Do sentences like: “You can sleep when you are dead.” or “You are tired? Stop complaining, you have a good life.” And “I can only get started with coffee and I have to wind down with alcohol at night.” sound familiar to you? Living in a society which supports the restless, high-quality sleep or just sleeping the right amount has become a rare good for many of us. An outrageous mindset if you think about that sleep is crucial for our Well-Being. During sleep we recover, we rebuild damaged tissue, we generate vital white blood cells to support our immune system, we process emotions and we detoxify what has been built up during the day. Sleep keeps us focussed, our hormones balanced, it helps us to eat healthy and to maintain our weight.

Do the following questions…

– Do you fail to lose weight?
– Do you get carb cravings throughout the day, although you have eaten enough already?
– Do you feel anxious, nervous and moody?
– Do you have troubles remembering things or focussing?
– Do you experience energy drops or have a lack of energy overall?

… in combination with

– Having troubles falling asleep
– Waking up too early
– Insomnia
– Waking up too often during the night
– Not getting high-quality sleep

… sound familiar to you?

In this engaging seminar, will you not only be given an easily understandable insight into the chemistry and purpose of sleeping, which hormones are involved and how they influence each other and ourselves. You will also be equipped with numerous tips and tricks to enhance the quality and duration of your sleep – starting at work! We will talk about how to manage to fall asleep faster and achieve better sleeping hygiene for you and your beloved ones overall.

If you want to enhance your Well-Being one of the keys to achieving this is getting started with a good nights sleep.

For tickets simply reach out to A single entry comes in at 18$. Tickets are non-refundable, you can change it for free on someone else’s name though, just send us a message.

The event is finished.


Dec 04 2019


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


18 NZD
Mount Pleasant Community Centre


Mount Pleasant Community Centre
3 Mccormacks Bay Rd, Mount Pleasant, Christchurch 8081



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