Personal Nutrition Consultancy

We all have learned or inhabited nutrition/lifestyle behaviours from family, work environment and school often being of the sincere opinion that the current habits are optimum. Over time things do not seem to work out though, symptoms start to appear. We take those symptoms, we accept them, we live with them, take them as normal. Do we have to though? Ask yourself. The only person who can take action for a change is you.

Online Sessions

Are you currently traveling or do you work irregular shifts? We offer online coaching sessions for you, so you no matter where you are you can get the support you need and can save time to spend with family, friends or to do the things you love.

Medication, Illness or
Chronic Disease

Are you chronically ill and have to take medicine regularly? Maybe you don’t feel better, even though you are on medication, or especially because as the medication is causing side effects? Do you suffer from or experience problems with any of the following?

High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol
Joint Inflammation
Frequent Colds/Infections
Diabetes II
Multiple Sclerosis

The above are just a few of the many examples of chronic or acute diseases, which have a negative impact on your quality of life. Let us influence your overall situation positively by adapting lifestyle and nutrition to your personal needs to activate your self-healing capacities. Those might have been hibernating for a while due to inner and outer influences. We want to strengthen your immune system and help your body to calm down, so it has time to take care of itself. For some sorts of medications or conditions there is a real chance to get back to a point where it is not necessary to take medication but live a healthy life instead.

Weight Loss

Are you looking to lose weight? Are you unhappy with the way things currently are and you finally want to change something? Or did you already work through a couple of diets without success? Does the weight keep stacking on and you have no idea what the underlying cause is?

Let’s take a look together at your situation and your personal needs and find a way together, which keeps you eating healthy and balanced, without the well-known yo-yo effect. There might be more reasons for your weight gain than merely your diet. You will learn what to watch out for when going shopping, how to cook healthy and how to be full and satisfied without overeating.

Plant-Based or Vegetarian Diet

Are you trying to change your diet to vegan or vegetarian, but you are not sure how to take the next step? Or are you vegetarian trying to make the step towards being vegan, but you are afraid to miss out on some key nutrients? Are you already living meat and dairy-free, but struggle to find the right food choices for you?

We will make sure to get you up to speed when it comes to a healthy, wholefood diet, where to get the item you need and which supplements to take, in case there is a need for those. Everything is relative to something else and we need to find out where you are and where you want to give you the best advice for a healthy future.

How Does it Work?

The first check-in is a free initial conversation in which we get to know each other and learn about your goals. This conversation lasts about 30 minutes.

 The following steps will be depending on your personal needs and choices. We might do a full consultation with weekly or bi-weekly follow up sessions, a lifestyle session, an Individual Micronutrient Analysis or refer you to other specialists. One size does not fit all and we want to make sure that you get the most out of your consultation. Some clients already have a good idea about their way and are looking for slight adjustments, others need to learn a lot of things from scratch. No matter who you are: We are here to make sure you will get the best support on your journey to a healthier life.

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Health and disease are dynamic processes and are under the ongoing influence of our environment, social surrounding, genetic predispositions and lifestyle choices. Very often disease is building up before it is being noticed and hits when it is already too late. We are here to give you the tools and knowledge to make future healthy lifestyle choices to keep you and your beloved ones healthy as good and as long as possible.