Educational Shopping Session




This session is for everyone who is keen to learn more about their daily food choices: From marketing to ingredients, preservatives, nutrients to whole foods. We want to clarify what is good for you and why it is good for you! This one-to-one session is a great way to personally educate yourself in depth.

I am passionate about eating healthy and shopping consciously and I would love to share my knowledge with you!

Have you ever wondered:

    • … if, what goes into your shopping cart at the supermarket every day is the best choice you can make for your health and that of your beloved ones?
    • … what you can do with the strangely named items in the health food section?
    • … which choices help protect the environment when doing grocery shopping?
    • … how marketing is used to sell products as more healthy than they are and how it can affect your decisions subconsciously?
    • … are you unsure where to find those new to your diet whole food products you want to try or how to use them?
    • …. what all those names on the ingredients list actually mean and what they do?
    • … how much sugar is hidden in your products and how?

… just to name a few! There are many more things to learn about of course. We will collect you where you are with your current knowledge – no matter if you are just getting started with the basics or are already into nutrition and want to know more about nutrients and work from there.

How it works:

When you reach out to arrange an appointment I will ask you about your goals for the session. Based on those I will personalize the content for you. This way we make sure you get the most out of it.

Once we have your goals set we will meet at a supermarket in Christchurch and go inside together. There, you have 45 minutes to ask me everything in regards to nutrition! Don´t know what to ask? This is why we talk about your goals upfront. If you do not have specific goals, that is fine: I will happily prepare a beginners walkthrough for you covering the basics.

When we have the session together we can either just walk through the supermarket or you can go shopping at the same time. The latter is a great option for people who want to know more about their regular product choices or who would like to replace them with other options.

… that’s not all

On top of that, following up on the session you will be provided with a personalized document including information on how to enhance your shopping and influence your eating behaviour. This will include three all-natural whole-food recipes proving that eating health-conscious is neither boring nor does it need to burst the budget!

Benefits for you and your beloved ones

What we want to do together in this session is not about telling you which brand is the best or forcing a new way of living upon you. There won´t be any advertising involved! Instead, we want to enable you to identify a good product yourself helping you to make conscious buying decisions to enable healthier eating choices.


The following meeting locations are included in the price:

  • Countdown, Moorhouse Ave
  • Pak´n´Save, Moorhouse, Ave
  • New World, Durham Street
  • FreshChoice, Lichfield Street
  • New World, Ferry Road
  • Countdown, Ferrymead
  • Countdown, Colombo Street

What´s included:

The price includes visiting a supermarket in Christchurch central together for 45 minutes receiving a focussed and private consultancy session. As a bonus, you get a personalized info document with tips and tricks on how to eat better, implement changes and to avoid pitfalls. This includes three simple and healthy wholefood recipes you can cook for yourself or share with family and friends. No extra fees apply. The price does not include any shopping items: if you want to go shopping at the same time the products are on you of course. Terms and conditions apply.

You can buy this for yourself or as a present for someone else who you think would benefit from this service! If you would like to buy this as a present, please send a message including the receiver´s name and we will send you a voucher.

Important Note

The Personal Educational Shopping Session is merely to inform you on how to make more conscious decisions to enhance the shopping and eating choices for you and the people you love. This session is not to be mistaken with Health Consultancy or a Micronutrient Analysis Session in which we run a full anamnesis of your background because you are experiencing chronic or acute health issues and want them to be addressed long term. Should you be unsure of which service is best for you, please do not hesitate to reach out via the contact form and we will happily guide you through the best fit of options.