Self-Management: Live Online Seminar 28th April 2020


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Empower yourself!

Have you ever wanted to embark on an exciting journey but have found that you give in before you have even started? Do you feel you are not moving forward, but are stuck in the now? And have you ever said to yourself: ‘I don´t have time for this’‘I will never do this’‘I am too afraid to fail’’ or ‘I don´t want to embarrass myself’?

Some barriers we encounter are real. Some are imagined and self-created! Common examples are barriers based on time, convenience, unrealistic goals, lack of social support and social anxiety.

I am launching an online course about the power of self-management. This course will provide you with practical knowledge and tools to understand what causes certain mental blockers, what keeps us turning in circles in regard to our goals, how to de-stress ourselves working on tasks and how you can work around them to unleash your potential.

Self-Management is a powerful skill which can be applied not only in the workplace but to help us develop in our personal lives as well, becoming more whole as we manage to follow through with our ambitions and fulfil our greatest potential.