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Chia Breakfast Porridge

Yields1 ServingPrep Time3 minsTotal Time3 mins

This recipe serves to give you an idea of what you can eat as a healthy alternative to cornflakes or toast in the morning. It can be mixed up with fruits and nuts of your liking. Go mad! If you want to stick away from oats, you can leave those away and add more nuts and chia seeds instead. DonĀ“t underestimate how much liquid the chia seeds can soak up, two tablespoons will be enough.

I recommend soaking all your nuts and seeds overnight before consumption. Soaking activates the full nutrient potential of food. The potency of vitamins like A, C, and B get a boost, proteins become more available, and live enzymes are released, plus taste and texture change for the better.

Cinnamon in desserts helps to regulate blood sugar levels after consumption. Try this on your desserts, if you tend to experience an energy drop after having eaten sweets.

 30 g oats
 15 g chia seeds [soaked]
 1 tsp pumpkin seeds [soaked]
 1 tbsp almonds [soaked]
 1 banana [or a cup of berries]
 1 dash cinnamon
 1 tbsp goji berries [soaked]
 3 tbsp date water

Simply soak all nuts, seeds and the goji berries overnight. In the morning, add a bit of hot water to the oats and let them soak for a few minutes. When the texture of the oats is to your liking, simply add the oats to the other ingredients which have been soaking overnight, stir, sprinkle the cinnamon on top and enjoy!